Join us after church on May 28th for Julian speaks.

Our guest that morning will be Sabrina Bellefeuille and Christopher Johnson from STREETSMARTS.

STREETSMARTS reaches out to the homeless and vulnerable street population in Ottawa. They are not a program targeted to a specific group, ethnicity, religion or gender; they help anyone and everyone that they can.

"StreetSmarts was founded by Pete Cassidy who was a recovering addict and passionate member of the community, in 2001. The program started as one man taking from his own pockets while in residential treatment in order to serve the people on the streets daily. It has now evolved from being a street outreach team to a highly involved community organization with many components. As well as direct street outreach that offers peer to peer counseling, community engagement, and an educational program. The program's mission has always been to provide support and build long lasting quality relationships. In building long-term quality relationships with people on the streets their volunteers role model change and provide empathy, compassion and support. Advocacy for those who are too often hidden from society is achieved through informing clients about their rights and community resources as well as delivering community talks, and inviting members of the community who can effect change to take part in outreach walks.


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12 Dec 2017
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12 Dec 2017
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12 Dec 2017
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12 Dec 2017
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