Renting Space at Julian of Norwich

Stewardship of Space at Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church has been called to be responsible stewards of the resources donated to the parish including the space in the church building and on the property. To this end, Julian of Norwich rents space to community and private groups for a variety of purposes and events. The proceeds of renting space help to offset the costs of maintenance and improvement of the church building thus permitting a greater proportion of donations to be put towards our mission outside of the parish.

Available Spaces for Rent

The Church Hall with Adjoining Kitchen

Occupancy: 100-120 people

One-Time Rental Fees: $55/Hour or $275/Day (5 Hours or more; $100 deposit required to hold date; balance due before event.)

There is a security deposit of $300 to cover any unforeseen issues that may arise; deposit is refundable if no losses, damage repair, or cleaning required, or other costs incurred.

Long-Term Rental Fees: Determined by the frequency of meeting, circumstances of the group, etc.

Description: Includes 18-20 6-ft folding tables, 15 3-ft tables, 100-120 chairs.

Images of the Church Hall and the Adjoining Kitchen

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Smaller Meeting Spaces

Occupancy: 20-30 people

One-Time Rental Fees: $20/Hour

Long-Term Rental Fees: Determined by the frequency of meeting, circumstances of the group, etc.

Insurance – Third-party liability insurance is required!

Third-party liability insurance is required. You must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance indicating personal or commercial liability coverage of a minimum of $2 million. It must state that “Julian of Norwich Anglican Church, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, and the Bishop of Ottawa” are Additional Insureds.

You may obtain your own private insurance or submit an application for insurance to the Diocesan insurance agent, Hub International. Typical cost is up to about $60 for an event.

If alcohol is to be part of the event, a liquor licence must be obtained.

Your event may not proceed until the following are received by Julian of Norwich:
• a signed rental agreement
• the applicable, signed Diocesan form: “Undertaking regarding COVID-19-Related Requirements on rented Church Property”
Short-Term COVID Rental Undertaking
Long-Term COVID Rental Undertaking
• a copy of proof of your own insurance or third-party insurance from Hub International
• the rental fee, security deposit and
• if alcohol present, a copy of the liquor licence


General parking is available in the main parking lot at the Main Entrance, 7 Rossland Avenue ; on evenings and weekends, parking is permitted at Elizabeth Wyn Wood School across the street on Rossland Ave.

Accessible parking in the main parking lot and in front of the Church Hall entrance at 9 Rossland Avenue


Preferred payment by e-transfer to:

If this is a problem, please indicate how you would like to pay, in the Additional Information field of the Rental Request Form below .

Submitting a Rental Inquiry

Before inquiring about renting, please check the Monthly Calendar to see if space is available on the date and time you are planning your event. To submit your rental inquiry or to obtain more information, please complete and submit the form below.

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church will review your request and decide whether a contract will be offered.

Rental Request Form

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    Description of EventType of Rental
    Food RequirementsAlcohol Requirements
    Select Desired DateSelect Start HourSelect End Hour
    ** Include time for event set-up & clean-up
    Space RequiredKitchen (Y/N)
    Maximum number of event participants:
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