What is Dinner Church?
A holistic, neighbourhood based expression of church that dispels isolation, reconnects neighbours, and subverts the status quo, all around the dinner table.

Dinner Church includes ritual, food, community, worship, and prayer. It highlights some of the Anglican Tradition but does so in a new way that aims to be accessible to all. Anyone can attend (from those who are sceptical of church at all to those who attend a church every Sunday). All are welcome!

Invite a friend and join in this wonderful way of worshipping in community.

If you would like more info, or have any questions, please email Reverend Monique.

Julian of Norwich Sanctuary ~ 6pm – 8pm (7 Rossland Avenue)
June 20th

Sign Up Sheets will be available on the evening for those who can assist with table set up, serving, and clean up.

A little Background: The dinner church movement is a subgroup of the Christian food movement, which is a broader movement seeking to answer the questions:

  1. How can we re-imagine food systems in a way that more clearly reflects God’s reign?
  2. Where are the Christians working for a better food system, and how can I join them? 
  3. Are there existing Christian food projects that I could replicate or adapt in my context?