Julian of Norwich Anglican Church, with support of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa are currently discerning a call to transform our property to create a new sanctuary space for the congregation and to maximize the property to benefit the quality of life of residents in the surrounding community. Update information will be found here but the project itself is complex and thus it may be incomplete and/or change quickly. If you have any questions please contact the Reverend Monique Stone at revmoniquestone[at]gmail.com for more information.

The next important UPDATE will happen on Sunday, January 27th at the 10am Service. Please join in for the service, followed by a presentation by the Reverend Monique and supporting consultants. This is a very important meeting of our congregation and you are encouraged to attend.

Congregation Update – November 2018

Since our bus tour (six weeks ago) there have been a plethora of meetings that your Ministry Discernment Committee and myself have attended. Here are some of the things that have happened in the past six weeks:

Half Day Workshop with Experts, Diocesan and Parish Representatives:
A meeting was held with planning and real estate experts who are members of the diocesan community along with our consultants and many members of diocesan staff (and the Bishop) to talk about the work that Julian has done so far and some of the opportunities and challenges that we foresee moving forward. Two documents (available in the sanctuary) were used to guide the conversation and some amazing wisdom was gained.

Meeting with Potential Partners:
A few meetings have happened in the last six weeks to discuss what potential partnerships could look like and how these partnerships can further our ministry goals and help us achieve a project that will also ensure our parish does not try to do something we don’t have the expertise to do (nor the finances to do). We know that this project must include several partners who will walk alongside us to create a new community on this space that also includes a sacred space and the required office space, gathering space and kitchen that will allow us to continue our parish ministry in a sustainable way. At each of these meetings there have been two to three members of our parish and our message continues to be one of excitement to do something new and for the social good whilst doing so in a way that is realistic for the context of our parish community. It is hoped that we will have defined our key Equity Partners by early 2019 (those who will be taking the lead on the big pieces of the development, take on the financial risk of things like the affordable rental housing and affordable home ownership) and also have some ideas around Tenant Partners (those who may rent space from the parish and/or the equity partners for community services, etc).

Internal Ministry Discernment Group:
We continue to have conversations amongst the members of our Internal Ministry Discernment Group, parishioners, and Parish Council.

Report Presentation ~ January 27th:
The next report to all parishioners will take place on Sunday, January 27th after the 10am service. This will be an important meeting to attend to see we have learned so far and the ways in which we are recommending to move forward. A reminder that any recommendations will be made based on the guiding principles outlined in our various materials.

What else is happening in November/December?
We will continue to refine the vision of the project and come up with a high level ‘draft’ site plan that would recommend what goes where and what piece of the property would be owned by the parish and owned/leased by the partners. This site plan incorporates some of the elements of the sites we visited on our bus tour along with some of the expectations the Parish has provided in previous work

We will continue to discuss with partners and then move towards drafting Memorandums of Understanding with them (the MOU’s may not happen until February 2019)

We will be discussing and framing what a Joint Steering Committee will look like between the parish and the diocese for the next stages of our work (that would begin after February 2019)

We will be looking at financial scenarios that would create the revenue needed to build the new Julian sacred space and community space (and offices)

We will look at creating a ‘phasing’ schedule that minimizes the need (or removes the need all together) for the parish to worship anywhere else other than the existing sanctuary and/or Parish Hall during construction – this is an aim but we don’t know the answer to this at this point.

… that and more will be worked on to communicate to the parish in early January with a full presentation on January 27th

What happens if I have questions:
If you have questions and comments please don’t hesitate to bring them forward. Over the past few weeks I have had a few different conversations with people that began with various misconceptions and feelings that we were not ‘on the same page’. Though conversation we realized that we had many of the same concerns and hopes and by the end of it we ended up recognizing that we were both looking for the same hopes and dreams for our parishes future ministry. I do not shy from conflict or concern… every conversation is important and I welcome our discussions on this project moving forward. Please email me if you would like to chat or speak to any of the above parishioners.

For more information on some of the organizations we are learning from and speaking to:
Cornerstone Housing for Women
CCOC/Beaver Barracks
MultiFaith Housing

A reminder that the two documents below give a thorough update on what is going on with the ministry development documents.
Julian Discernment Update  (please note this PDF is set as an 11 x 17 fold over)
The Building Blocks of Julian Commons