Julian of Norwich Anglican Church

Ottawa, Ontario – All Are Welcome

7 Rossland Avenue (at Merivale Road)

Phone: 613-224-7178

Way of Life

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church has embarked on a ministry renewal project that will see our property transform in to a new collaborative community that includes affordable housing, greenspace and other neighbourhood assets, a new sacred space, and various community spaces.

As this process continues, we are provided with an opportunity to ask ourselves: What does it
mean to be part of Julian of Norwich? How do we live out our spiritual lives in this community? What is our mission? What is our Way of Life?

Below is a DRAFT mission statement, Way of Life principles, and updated Value Statements. You are encouraged to review them and provide your comments at the bottom of the page.

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A final version of this document will emerge in the coming months.
Please Remember this is a Working Document

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church, Ottawa

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church is an intentional Christian community that lives out its
discipleship with an active gaze through a window in to the sacred and a window out to the

Way of Life

Participants in the life of Julian of Norwich will strive to strengthen their relationship with the
sacred through participation in worship and prayer.

Participants in the life of Julian of Norwich use the seasons of Advent and Lent for intentional
deepening of their spiritual journey and are committed to ongoing formation and change.

Participants in the life of Julian of Norwich are committed to radical hospitality that is dedicated
to the creation of a welcome space where strangers can enter, and all can be strengthened.

Participants in the life of Julian of Norwich root themselves in the ongoing life of The Anchor
(the collaborative community on the property where our sacred space is housed) and seek
opportunities to support, nurture, and learn from residents and the neighbourhood.

Participants in the life of Julian of Norwich are committed to prioritizing relationships,
governance and action that elicit the creation of community-based quality of life and wellness
that is intergenerational and inclusive of diverse cultures and faith expressions.

Participants in the life of Julian will work for peace and justice amongst all peoples and the land.

In short, WITH GOD’S HELP, participants in the life of Julian of Norwich Anglican Church will
strive to live the following way of life:

  • Participate regularly in Worship
  • Take part in regular Christian formation and practice daily personal/family prayer
  • Observe the seasons of special devotion in the church year—Advent and Lent
  • Financially support the mission and ministry of Julian of Norwich Anglican Church
  • Demonstrate openness to the way in which God is expressed is diverse cultures and
  • Show Christ’s love to others in our everyday lives
  • Share in the mission and outreach ministry of the community
    Work for peace, justice and the stewardship of the environment
  • Embody the counter-culture politics of Jesus
  • Be good stewards of the many gifts that God provides

Foundational Values

  1. Hospitality and Friendship
  2. We are ordinary people who strive to follow Jesus’ way. We recognize all people as
    valuable and provide opportunities for spiritual nurturing and growth. We offer
    hospitality, an open stance toward learning, questioning, dialog, and hope.

  3. The extension of care to those in need:
  4. We are a multi-generational community that joins God who is already at work in the
    world. Our faith and worship are meant to support us as we seek and serve Christ in all
    people, loving our neighbor as ourselves. While we serve those in need, we strive to
    cultivate relationships of peace and understanding.

  5. The desire for and practice of inclusivity:
  6. We celebrate the diversity of gifts in the community, the neighbourhood and the world
    that God loves. We work in partnership with others to strive for justice and equality
    among all people and respecting the dignity of every human being

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