7 Rossland Avenue (at Merivale Road)

Phone: 613-224-7178

7 Rossland Avenue (at Merivale Road)
Phone: 613-224-7178


About Us

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church is an inclusive and dynamic parish, located on the busy stretch of Merivale Road just south of Baseline Road, in the western part of Ottawa formerly known as Nepean.

Our Parish core values include:

1. The gifts of hospitality and friendship:
We are ordinary people who strive to follow Jesus’ way. We receive each person as a gift and provide opportunities for spiritual nurturing. We offer hospitality, an open stance toward learning, questioning, dialog, and hope. We have opportunities for artists, learners, and those with practical skills. Our worship is engaging, reflective, and embraces people of all ages, abilities, experiences, and traditions. During the Family Eucharist you may hear traditional hymns, jazz, gospel, or First Nation’s chants.

2. The extension of care to those in need:
This parish joins God already at work in the world. Our faith and worship are meant to prepare us to seek and serve Christ in all people, loving our neighbor as ourselves. While we serve those in need, we strive to cultivate relationships of peace and understanding.

3. The desire for and practice of inclusivity:
We celebrate the diversity of gifts in all who come, the outreach efforts in diocesan and wider ministries, and the strength of our parish leaders to respond to the world God loves. We work in partnership with other parishes, denominations and faith groups, to strive for justice and peace among all people and respecting the dignity of every human being (BAS 159).

Finding Us

Our church faces Merivale Road, between Rossland and Withrow Avenue. Our main entrance is at 7 Rossland Avenue. Parking is free, easy, and right at the main entrance. On Sunday mornings, there is additional parking across the street from the church at Elizabeth Wyn Wood School, which they are kind enough to allow us to use on Sunday mornings.

The church is accessible with several designated parking spots, a ramp to the main door entrance, and automated doors.

There are bike racks outside the main door and you can also use OC Transpo (Line 80 and 86 Bus stop at Merivale and Rossland Avenue)

Do I need to get dressed up to come to Julian?

We are informal, so please wear whatever feels comfortable to you.

What do I do when I arrive?

Whether you come to either the 8:00 am, or the 10:00 am service you will be met by a friendly greeter who will pass along to you whatever you need for the service. Please feel free to ask your greeter any questions that you may have, and please do sit wherever you wish.

What about my children?

Your children are welcome to stay with you during the service. At the 10:00 am service a Sunday School class is offered, which lasts about 30 minutes, after which the children re-join the worship service for communion. At the back of the church there is a child-friendly play space for use at any time. The children do not always go in to Sunday School as we find it important that children spend time with the whole congregation in the church for the entire worship service.

How long is the service?

At 8:00 am there is a quiet service of Holy Communion that does not include music, and lasts about 50 minutes – you can follow this service in the green Book of Alternative Services. The 10:00 am service includes music, and lasts about 1 hour – you can follow this service on the overhead screen.

How will I know when to stand, sit, or kneel?

The truth is, sometimes you won’t until you get the hang of the flow of the service and have figured out what is comfortable for you. No worries; you can easily follow the community’s lead on whether to stand, sit, or kneel. In fact, throughout the service we often give the option of assuming whichever posture is most comfortable for you, and enables you to best participate in the service. For example, if kneeling during prayer is uncomfortable, then please either sit or stand during prayer because we don’t want posture to get in the way of your being able to worship enjoyably.

What about receiving Communion?

All who are baptized are welcome to receive communion. If you are not comfortable receiving communion then you are welcome to receive a blessing – just indicate that you do not wish to receive communion by folding your arms in front of you.

What about gluten and other food sensitivities?

At Julian we provide gluten-free communion wafers in addition to regular wafers. Please indicate your gluten sensitivity to the minister serving communion.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. As our guest you are under no obligation to contribute to the work of Julian. However, gifts are always gratefully received and those who continue to be part of the community are asked to prayerfully discern how they will contribute to the parish with their time, talent and treasure.

What happens after the service?

After the 10 am service there is an opportunity to enjoy refreshments, and informal conversation in the Church Hall. Please do join us!

What is the ‘Anglican’ church?

The Anglican Church in Canada traces its roots back to the Church of England, and today it is an independent, self-governing church in communion with the other 44 churches of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Anglican Church in Canada includes more than 500,000 members in nearly 1,700 parishes, and like Canada, the church has become culturally diverse. On any given Sunday the tradition of common prayer is expressed across Canada in many languages, including Inuktitut, French, Spanish, and Cree. For more information, please see

So, who is Julian of Norwich, anyway?

Ah, nice question! Julian of Norwich was born in 1342. We don’t know her real name; she was named after St Julian’s Church in Norwich, England. Julian devoted her life to God, and to prayer. She lived in a small room attached to St Julian’s Church, where people would visit her seeking advice, spiritual wisdom, and comfort during hard times. Julian was a mystic, and a contemplative. She is also the first woman to have written a published book in the English-speaking world.