Planning For In-Person Worship ~ Survey

We are seeking your input on how we plan for in-person worship starting on September 6th. It is important that we all recognize that in-person service will not look like it did prior to March 2020 and as such we wanted to first paint a picture for what it might look like and then invite you to provide input. Could you kindly complete the survey so that we can know your own comfort level and/or expectations for in-person and online worship. This will help towards planning the services in the fall. Thank you!

What will church look like when we resume in-person worship Sunday, September 6?

· At maximum we will have 50 people total in the building (though we might decide on a smaller number).

· The service may be in the main sanctuary or it may be in the Parish Hall. We may also consider outdoor services during the autumn.

· All clergy, volunteers and members of the congregation must wear masks during the whole service; from the time they arrive to the time they leave the building (with the potential exception of removing the mask to consume the Eucharist).

· Attendees will be required to follow all entrance, exit and directional rules.

· Attendees will be directed to assigned seating in the worship space and may not choose their own seating or move from the designated seating area throughout the service.

· Everyone who attends a service must register for a particular service time and then provide their names and contact information (phone number and email or mailing address) when they arrive.

· Everyone must review the rules of the facility before entering the space and go through a screening process.

· There must be no physical touching during any part of the service or before or afterwards. This includes a no-contact, physically distant sharing of the Peace.

· Offering plates will not be passed. To limit contact, parishioners should donate online or to a collection plate set out on a table as they come in or during worship. Counters should wait 72 hours before handling cash, envelopes or cheques, and should wear gloves.

· Households and individuals must keep at least two metres apart in all directions from other households or individuals.

· The Children’s Area at the back of the church will be off limits and children will be required to sit with their household throughout the service.

· The congregation and the officiant are not allowed to sing, and wind and brass instruments are prohibited.

· Greeters should be trained to help people understand and comply with masking, screening, registering, distancing and sanitizing protocols.

· To avoid crowding and bottlenecks, there is no receiving line following a service. The congregation should simply leave, maintaining physical distance from others and using the designated exits. Sides people should manage people exiting from the church, also ensuring that distancing is observed on walkways and parking areas.

· There is no nursery or Sunday school or coffee hour following a service. People are not allowed to mingle before and after service.

· All common surfaces must be sanitized before and after worship, including doorknobs, counter tops, pews, bathrooms, and electronics.

· All prayer books, hymn books, Bibles and seat cushions will be removed from pews.

· A single-use bulletin may be available and the service will be projected on screen. Each person must pick up their own bulletin or download a digital copy in advance to their phone or tablet.

· The service will be a maximum of 45 minutes.

· There will be limited use of the washrooms and no access to many areas of the facility.