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Funerals and the Columbarium

“Funerals … belong to the circle of family and friends of the person who has died and, when that circle is Christian, they find an appropriate setting in the larger Christian fellowship.” (BAS 567)

May the souls of the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Funeral liturgies at Julian of Norwich may be followed by burial or committal of ashes to their final resting place, such as a niche in the Columbarium of our onsite Chapel of Christ the King. Please consult as early as possible with The Reverend Deacon Elizabeth December-Lovell at for funeral planning.


A Columbarium is a sacred place for the inurnment of ashes of beloved members of our parish and the wider community. The Columbarium at Julian of Norwich Anglican Church is located along the walls of our Chapel of Christ the King. There are 160 niches on each wall with oak doors, a four-inch oak spacer beneath the doors and two cherry wood crosses inlaid in each wall.

We are blessed indeed to have this Columbarium. It exists not only as a tranquil haven, a peaceful place, but also as a vibrant place of worship. The remains of our loved ones are never alone or forgotten in this most Holy of places.

A niche in the Chapel of Christ the King costs substantially less than at a cemetery. The niche price includes opening and closing of the niche, an inscribed brass plate, and a perpetual care and maintenance fee that is placed in a Trust Fund. Our Columbarium is registered with, and is governed by, the Cemeteries Act of the Province of Ontario, and we are required to submit an annual report to the Ministry.

For more information, please contact Don Wilson.