Julian of Norwich Anglican Church

Ottawa, Ontario – All Are Welcome

7 Rossland Avenue (at Merivale Road)

Phone: 613-224-7178

Ministry Redevelopment

Take a look at this video to hear about this project:

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church, with support of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa are currently discerning a call to transform our property to create a new collaborative community that aims to increase the quality of life for the neighbourhood and community. The property transformation will include a diverse mix of housing (affordable and below market), commenity space, green space and worship space. The project is complex and includes a variety of not-for-profit partners and organizations who share a vision for the social good. In addition we are working towards creating one of the most environmentally sustainable communities in Canada. If you have any questions please contact the Reverend Monique Stone for more information.

Over the past two years the parish and community have had access to a variety of communications materials. Though some of the information has changed over time these documents are provided for your exploration.

Julian Discernment Update September 2018

The Building Blocks of Julian Commons (Fall 2018)

Julian Discernment Update January 2019

Julian Discernment Infographic June 2019

For all future updates, please refer to the Julian Community News.

To provide comments and ideas on the project, please complete the survey: