Julian of Norwich Anglican Church

Ottawa, Ontario – All Are Welcome

7 Rossland Avenue (at Merivale Road)

Phone: 613-224-7178

Special Vestry

May 31st at 1.00 p.m.

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High Level Background on what we had planned to do during the remainder of 2020:

Prior to COVID19, that caused our church to stop meeting in person, the Julian Redevelopment Steering Committee (JUDO) had a three phased plan to continue our parish engagement and discussion on the Redevelopment.

Those phases included:

Phase One (during Lent): Being Shaped by God

This phase included our experimenting with the proposed new size of worship space and visiting other church spaces. The key question of this phase was: “How are we being shaped by God in a new way?”

Phase Two (Easter Season): What is our Resurrection Story?

This phase was to include creating a timeline for the redevelopment, creating working groups for some aspects of the project, clarifying our Ministry Objectives and Priorities and then determining how the new space and new community will enable those ministry objectives and priorities to unfold.

Phase Three (Pentecost Season): How is the Spirit Working and What will our New Church Look Like?

This phase was focused on taking the high level master plan drawings (that we have seen) and working with an architect on the more detailed drawings and more detailed costings and scheduling.

In light of COVID a delay has occurred. However, work has continued with the Equity Partner groups. The JUDO Team met on May 8th and are beginning to consider how we might unfold the above conversations amidst this time when we cannot gather in-person. We expect that our current COVID realities will cause a delay in our project, but we aim to minimize the delay.

Information on Grant/Loan Offers:

Prior to COVID19 we had been awarded two grants/loans.


The first is the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Seed Grant that is to cover our pre-development costs and support cash flow to pay for expenses that we are required to pay for before our Affordable Housing Developer, MHI, receives the building construction grants that will cover the costs of building the affordable rental buildings. This funding included $150,000.00 as a grant and $350,000.00 as a cash flow loan. The $150,000.00 has been spent on predevelopment expenses and we are now needing to ‘activate’ the $350,000.00 cash flow loan to cover the shared pre-development costs (all pre-development costs are being shared by Julian/Diocese, Cahdco, and Multi-Faith Housing).

City of Ottawa

The second is a $200,000.00 grant from the City of Ottawa that is set up as a ‘forgivable loan’. This means we will receive forgiveness of the loan as long as we continue to develop the property in a way that will result in a community that includes affordable housing (i.e. we do not turn around and sell the property for highest and best use). So basically, it will be forgivable if we continue to try and implement a plan that includes affordable housing.

What do we need to do?

In both of the above cases we need to agree, as a community, to allow CMHC and the City of Ottawa to put the guarantees for the above funding ‘on title’ (meaning a mortgage security is placed on the title of our land). We have had the land appraised for 6 Million Dollars so the title being placed on the property is less than 10% of the value of the land.

How do we do that?

Due to COVID19 we will need to hold a Special Vestry electronically on May 31st at 1pm to approve the following motion:

Be it RESOLVED that the Special Vestry allow the Rector and Wardens of the parish to sign the loan/grant agreements provided by the City of Ottawa and Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation that will include Mortgage Security for $200,000.00 and $350,000.00 and that the Special Vestry asks the Diocese of Ottawa to support the outcome of this motion.

What will be the process to do this electronically?

1. The Special Vestry will be held on May 31st at 1pm on an electronic platform.
2. In accordance with the Canons, Bylaws, and Regulations (CBR’s) of the Diocese this Vestry will be announced at the conclusion of the two online services held on Sunday May 17th.
3. Spanning a two week period, which concluded Friday, May 29th, a series of online/over the phone opportunities for questions and conversation was available to explain the technology. For those unable to vote via ZOOM Polling, alternate methods were identified to ensure that all parish members would have the ability to cast a vote.
4. Parish Members of the JUDO Team will be available for questions/conversations over the two weeks:
a. The Reverend Monique Stone: 613-614-7595,
b. Sue Davies: 613-224-3391,
c. Laura Dallas: 613-784-9095,
d. Robin MacKay: During Day: 613-238-6180 or other times at home 613-727-0354,

5. Support for individuals who are not familiar with the Zoom technology is being offered by Jillian Gauthier (613-867-4378) and Pam Middleton (613-843-7640). Parishioners are invited to call them to set up a time for assistance to ensure that they can access Zoom.
6. Participants in the online Special Vestry will be required to register online so that they can agree to the statement of Special Vestry Membership.
a. Those who wish to register via phone should leave a message on the Parish Office Voicemail: 613-224-7178
7. The Special Vestry will be held via Zoom and the motion will be voted on using the Zoom Poll function.
8. Those who wish to vote and cannot use the Zoom poll function will be called by a Scrutineer immediately after the Zoom meeting to provide their vote (unless another suitable method to collect all possible votes is determined).
9. The results of the vote will be sent to Property and Finance and Diocesan Council on June 1st.
10. If approved, the Rector and Wardens, will sign the City of Ottawa agreement on June 1st and the CMHC agreement at a later time.

Why do we need to do this now and not wait until we can meet in person?

Currently all predevelopment work on the property has stopped because we do not have the cash flow and funding from the two sources above. Although it could be possible for the parish to use its CTF funds to cover the remaining pre-development costs above, this is deemed to be an unnecessary risk for the parish and it is felt that the acceptance of the above grants enable us to demonstrate that we have received support for our project from both the City of Ottawa and CMHC (a valuable demonstration of support for future funding applications).

In addition, we recognize that we have no idea how long it will be before we can gather as the whole community without any barriers. The parish is eager to continue this project and to not proceed at this time with the above is to delay the project for more than 12 months. That kind of delay creates a huge risk to the project due to our partners not being able to sustain that kind of delay and the two funders changing their funding directions.

Risk Mitigation

1. The risk of the above Land Title Assurance on the parish is deemed to be minimal. The 200,000.00 is a grant and will be forgivable except in the extreme case that we do not use the property for affordable housing. The 350,000.00 is a loan that is paid back with the eventual grant money that will be awarded prior to construction of the affordable housing building. In addition, the value of the land is 6 million dollars and the work being done on the property would be deemed valuable to any potential purchaser of the land if we decided to sell the land in its entirety.

2. A further mitigation is the reality that the parish currently has 1.79 million dollars in a CTF fund that is accumulating interest for the purpose of building the new worship space.