Julian of Norwich Anglican Church

Under One Sky – Fundraising Concert & Auction

Featuring: Kerson Leong

Tu Mach & Julien Bisaillon

Kerson Leong


Tu Mach


Julien Bisaillon

Classical Guitar

Under One Sky

This is Your Chance to …

Support the Outreach Ministries of Julian of Norwich, as we strive to meet the needs of the less fortunate in our community.

Our Goals Include:

Affordable Housing

Senior Support Services

Support for the developmentally challenged

Partnership development with the larger community

Additional Information

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We Are Here to Help

Ticket Prices

Premium: $125

Standard: $75

Online Ticket Sales – Basic Requirements

WooCommerce must be installed on the site (it is free to use).

A Paypal Account must be established, if one does not already exist.

A ‘Shopping Page’ must be created.

Decisions must be made as to how tickets will be distributed (mail, in person, etc.)

There is much more involved of course, but the above pretty much covers the basic elements.

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People in our community often go hungry, or cannot find affordable accommodations.

Every dollar we raise is targeted to help those most in need.

Even the smallest of donations will help, so please ....