Volunteer Outreach

One of the vital signs of a healthy church is the significant presence of Outreach Ministries. “The church which lives to itself, dies to itself.” (William Temple). We hope to share our faith by word and example, providing personal witness and corporate social action. We are called to find ways to serve the lost, hungry, homeless, broken-hearted, and marginalized people who need help in our community, in our country, and in other parts of the world.

The Julian of Norwich Outreach Group coordinates volunteer outreach ideas and actions for our parish community. We strive to provide opportunities for parishioners, and others who wish to participate with us, to hear God’s call to reach out beyond the parish to help others. We seek to provide a balance among the many needs and look for ways to significantly improve the material and spiritual well-being of those in need. The group always welcomes new ideas and new people.


You are welcome to join in any activity by:

  • Speaking to someone at any activity
  • Completing the form on the Welcoming Table at the back of the church
  • Indicating on a Visitor’s Envelope found hanging on a hook in the pews
  • Calling the church office for information or to indicate that you would like to participate
  • Read on to learn how you may contribute to Julian of Norwich outreach activities.


  • Contribute money to the Primates World Relief and Development Fund (specify on church envelope), www.pwrdf.org
  • Bring clothing and other articles (toiletries) to church to be given to the Nearly New Shop or taken to Ottawa drop-in centres.
  • Volunteer to help in the Nearly New Shop and Book Nook.
  • Support the Diocesan Community Ministries: Centre 454; The Well; Cornerstone Housing; St Luke’s Table; Ottawa Pastoral Counseling Centre, https://ottawa.anglican.ca/community-ministries/
  • Volunteer to help with the preparation, delivery and serving of the once a month meal for the Cornerstone Women’s Shelter, www.cornerstonewomen.ca/
  • Help provide snacks and drinks for students at the twice yearly “Pause Table” during exam time at Algonquin College, www.algonquincollege.com/spiritual-centre
  • Support and/or volunteer to help Matthew House Ottawa (Refugee Services and Furniture Bank), www.matthewhouseottawa.org
  • Volunteer to help the L’Arche community, www.larcheottawa.org
  • Join with others in walking the neighborhood in the Christmas season to sing carols and collect food donations
  • Volunteer to help at a local drop-in centre
  • Support “Ottawa Centre Refugee Action (OCRA)” and help refugees to settle in Ottawa, refugeeaction.ca
  • Contribute food, gifts, or your time for the Centre 454 Christmas dinners or dinners at other community ministries.
  • Make special donations to Outreach using the special Lent Envelopes or normal donation envelopes.
  • Support the Carlington Community Chaplaincy, www.carlingtonchaplaincy.com
      • Volunteer to help at the daily Open Door Drop-In or contribute food or other items


  • Invite someone to come to a worship service with you.
  • Be a friend to a lonely person.
  • Invite someone to come with you to a Christian education event or a Bible Study with you.
  • Don’t be shy in telling friends and neighbors that you are a Christian and the church you attend.
  • Look for opportunities to reach out and help shut-ins or disabled people in your neighborhood.
  • Pray freely for anyone who might need God’s help.

Matthew House Refugee Services: Buddy-Up Program

Matthew House has started an exciting new volunteer-based matching Buddy-Up Program focusing on friendship between established Canadians and newcomers to Ottawa. Newcomers are matched with Canadian individuals who help make their transition to a new country as smooth as possible. The program aims to help newcomers adjust to life in Ottawa and to learn about Canadian values, traditions, communities and opportunities. The Buddy-Up Program also provides Canadians with an introduction to a new culture and an opportunity to see Canada through a new pair of eyes.

Potential Canadian volunteers will be matched with newcomer residents within the first few months of their arrival at Matthew House Refugee Services. The volunteer will need to make a time commitment of 1-2 hours per week for 6 months (this can be flexible and can change over the course of the friendship). The intention of the program is that volunteers will continue their commitment with their “buddy” long after they have moved on from our home. The focus is on lasting connections and community.

If you are interested in more information or wish to get involved, please see the attached overview or contact Matthew House directly at volunteer@matthewhouseottawa.org.