7 Rossland Avenue (at Merivale Road)

Phone: 613-224-7178

7 Rossland Avenue (at Merivale Road)
Phone: 613-224-7178

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Who is Julian?

Welcome to Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich Logo
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Who and Where We Are

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church is an inclusive and dynamic parish, located on the busy of Merivale Road just south of Baseline Road, in the western part of Ottawa formerly known as Nepean.

Our Parish core values include:

1. The gifts of hospitality and friendship:
We are ordinary people who strive to follow Jesus’ way. We receive each person as a gift and provide opportunities for spiritual nurturing. We offer hospitality, an open stance toward learning, questioning, dialog, and hope. We have opportunities for artists, learners, and those with practical skills. Our worship is engaging, reflective, and embraces people of all ages, abilities, experiences, and traditions. During the Family Eucharist you may hear traditional hymns, jazz, gospel, or First Nation’s chants.

2. The extension of care to those in need:
This parish joins God already at work in the world. Our faith and worship are meant to prepare us to seek and serve Christ in all people, loving our neighbor as ourselves. While we serve those in need, we strive to cultivate relationships of peace and understanding.

3. The desire for and practice of inclusivity:
We celebrate the diversity of gifts in all who come, the outreach efforts in diocesan and wider ministries, and the strength of our parish leaders to respond to the world God loves. We work in partnership with other parishes, denominations and faith groups, to strive for justice and peace among all people and respecting the dignity of every human being (BAS 159).