Julian of Norwich Anglican Church

Ottawa, Ontario – All Are Welcome

7 Rossland Avenue (at Merivale Road)

Phone: 613-224-7178

Making weekly or monthly Donations during the pandemic

During the pandemic, we still must pay our bills, so donations are as important as ever. However, in this challenging time, finances will be difficult for many. Nonetheless, to minimize the impact on parish finances, we encourage those who are able to carefully consider keeping up with your regular Sunday donations.

Ways to Give

If your household has decided to respond to the personal call to contribute and support the
ministries of this church, you may do so in a variety of ways.

PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance: This is a service provided by the United Church of Canada to other churches in Canada. Many find it to be most convenient and it saves work for the parish. If you wish to sign up for PAR, our Givings Secretary Team of Barry & Nancy Craven can arrange this. You can contact them at: 613-733-2903 or for further instructions.

eTransfer with Autodeposit: Autodeposit has been set up on the Julian bank account. The cost of an etransfer is usually $1.00 or $1.50 depending on your bank (You might consider making your donations on a monthly basis, as this will minimize your cost of making a donation). Your donation will automatically be deposited into the Julian bank account. Our Treasurer receives an email notification of your donation which will be passed on to the Givings Secretary, who will issue tax receipts at year end. From your bank account, you can send an eTransfer to

Via Credit Card online: You have two options:

Donate via Fill in the form and submit. You will receive a tax receipt via email from CanadaHelps for every donation (the church will not send a receipt and the Givings Secretary is not informed since we do not need to send a receipt and, therefore, do not need to record your donation); you can also obtain a summary of all donations at year end. Our Treasurer receives an email notification for each donation and the funds are deposited in our bank account every Thursday. To use this option, please click on the image:

Donate via PayPal: : Fill in the form on the Julian PayPal account and submit. You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card. It is just like donating or making online purchases with your credit card. You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal for each donation and it will show up on your credit card statement. Our Treasurer receives an email notification of your donation which will be passed on to the Givings Secretary who will issue tax receipts at year end. Periodically, the funds are transferred from our PayPal account to our bank account. To use this option, please click on the following button:

Weekly Envelopes: We would encourage you to put your donation into your weekly and monthly envelopes as usual (cheques are preferred; probably best not to send cash), then mail them to the church office or drop them at the church by putting them through the mail slot in the Withrow Avenue entrance door.

You might consider sending envelopes for a month with post-dated cheques for convenience and to save time and money for postage. If you are unable to mail them, please keep them until you return to church in person. (Mailing Address: 8 Withrow Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2G-2H6)

As usual, in each case, the funds will be deposited, your donation will be recorded, and income tax receipts issued immediately and/or at year end. Thank you for your diligence in continuing to support the parish despite the trying times. Be safe!
(Eric Driscoll, Treasurer)

For more information on how to begin donating to the church, please contact the Givings
, Barry & Nancy Craven, at 613-733-2903, or email them at