Our Way of Life

The Julian of Norwich Anglican Church Way of Life:

Julian of Norwich was a Christian Mystic whose spiritual journey was inspired by viewing the world God loves through a window into the community and a window into the sacred. Julian served God by serving neighbourhood.

In the same way, Julian of Norwich Anglican Church is a community that strives to follow Jesus with an active gaze through a window in to the sacred and a window in to the neighbourhood. We are guided by the commandments to love God with our heart, mind, and soul and to love our neighbour as ourself.

Julian of Norwich Anglican Church seeks, with God’s help, to:

  • create a welcoming space where all can enter as they are.
  • strengthen relationships with God through worship, prayer and sacrament.
  • actively live out mission and ministry by serving and caring for people and the environment.
  • nurture spiritual growth by creating opportunities for learning, questioning, and transforming.
  • prioritize relationships, governance and action that elicit the creation, maintenance, and growth of community-based quality of life and wellness that is intergenerational and inclusive of diverse cultures and faith expressions.

Energized by God’s love for all of creation, participants in the community life of Julian of Norwich Anglican Church are invited to:

  • recognize yourself as a gift of God’s creation with a spiritual life that seeks to be nurtured.
  • embrace regular worship, prayer and sacrament.
  • show Christ’s love to neighbour and other in your everyday life.
  • strive to create peace, justice, compassion, inclusion and equality in the world.
  • be open to the way in which God is expressed in diverse people, cultures, and religions.
  • share in the mission and outreach ministry of the community with your gifts of time and talent.
  • support the mission and outreach ministry of the community financially.