Prayer Resources - Anglican Fellowship of Prayer

    The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Canada) exists to encourage and enable the ministry of prayer in Canada. It is inclusive of all forms of expressions of Christian church life, whether they be lay or clerical, catholic or evangelical, monastic or secular, formal or informal.

    AFP (Canada) seeks to be a teaching resource to assist both individuals and congregations to grow in the life of prayer. It seeks to increase and strengthen the companionship of Christian prayer throughout the world.

    You may access all of their prayer resources HERE

    The AFP Prayer

    Lord Jesus, give to your church a renewed desire to pray, that together we may know your will, be filled with your love, and experience your grace and power, for the healing of your world, to your glory. AMEN

    Prayer at Julian

    Christians are encouraged to be “People of Prayer,” connecting with God through prayers:
    Adoration: Prayer expressing love and adoration for who God is.
    Thanksgiving: Prayer of thankfulness for what God does.
    Confession: Prayer acknowledging our imperfection, and asking God’s forgiveness.
    Intercession: Prayer for others who are in need of healing of body, mind and spirit.
    Petition: Prayer for ourselves.
    You are welcome to ask anyone in the congregation to pray with and for you at any time.

    Prayers of the People during Worship Services

    Most worship services include a time to offer prayers. These opportunities are called the “Prayers of the People” or “Intercessions,” which are usually led by members of the congregation. You are invited to write your request in a Prayer Request binder, located near the entrance to the sanctuary, behind the back pew. The binder includes a loose leaf sheet for each Sunday, with spaces under a few headings to enter names or situations that you wish to include in the Prayers of the People. This sheet is provided to the prayer leader who will include your requests in the prayers they offer during the service.

    Confidential Prayer by a Prayer Chain

    Julian of Norwich has a dedicated group of people who pray in confidence for those who are ill, in distress, or otherwise in need of prayer. If you wish to have prayer for yourself or someone you know, please fill in the Prayer Request form.

    Prayer Request Form

    Christian Meditation

    A group meets in the church chapel for Christian meditation Monday afternoons from 3 to 4 p.m. These sessions are open to anyone who wishes to spend time in silent prayer, with instructions provided for newcomers.

    The group is coordinated by Julian of Norwich parishioners, but also includes people from other denominations. During each session, a discussion video by a Christian Meditation leader is followed by a period of silent reflection. The session concludes with questions and discussion.

    For more information, contact Gayle Ascah (613-226-8161) or Marg Dumbrille (613-225-0806).

    Online Prayer Time

    All are invited to join an on-line (Zoom) corporate prayer, hosted by Licensed Lay Reader Paul Dumbrille. There will be time for silent and spoken prayer. Every Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m.

    Participants are invited to bring their own community and personal prayer concerns and requests to the gathering, as well as any questions about prayer they may have.

    If you would like to receive a Zoom invitation, or more information / answers to questions, please contact Paul via email:

    Bible Curiosi-Tea

    A small group meet over Zoom every Friday at 10 a.m. to discuss the readings for the coming Sunday. It is a great conversation with diverse thoughts and opinions.

    You are invited to join others at a faith enriching study of the Gospel from the comfort of your own home. All are welcome and no experience is needed. If you would like to join this group, please email the coordinator: Pam Middleton